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Top Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Home Exterior 

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Though it might look that the warmer season is still months away, it’ll actually be here even before you realize it. Because of that, now is the ideal time to begin coming up with your ideas altogether for improving that curb appeal and cleaning up your yard. Keep on reading below to know more about the best spring-cleaning tips for your home exterior. 

Inspect the irrigation and sprinkler systems 

As soon as the outdoor temperatures allow, inspect your irrigation and sprinkler systems for signs of drips and damage. Try them out for a few minutes and start searching for any potential leaks. Moreover, you will need to reset your boxes and guarantee that your timers are at the exact place where they have to be.? 

Perform some mower maintenance 

Prepare to dust off your lawnmower and use it to get ready for lawn season. Inspect the spark plug, make sure that the battery is fully charged, and change the oil. In case any of those elements are already subpar, you should consider replacing them. Then, clean your mower with a hardened hose and you now have a mower that’s fully prepared for the summer season. 

Scrub and clean patio furniture 

Though major messes might require actual power washing services, most patio furniture pieces, in fact, only require a nice scrubbing session during the spring. You just need to prepare one bucket of warm water and mix in one part dish soap. Then, use a regular kitchen sponge and a stiff-bristled brush to wipe away grime and dirt. After that, start rinsing it with your garden hose and allow it to fully dry before you add pillows or cushions back in place.? 

Prep your flower beds 

After a long, cold winter season, you need to begin preparing your flower beds. If needed, make sure to cut back the bushes and dig out any dead flowers. Moreover, take time to take out old mulch and change it with 1-2 bags for a better look. Once the temperature begins warming up, plant new flowers with plenty of colors to look better during the spring season.? 

Remove the debris 

Snow and ice tend to spread sticks and break branches all over the place. Because of that, it’s highly recommended if you start raking such debris right away before it can cause more issues and lead to costly repairs. If you start with this minor task, you can prevent causing damage to your lawn equipment and your yard will drastically look better overall.? 

Make sure to use professional power washing 

Indeed, you need to incorporate getting your house power washed by the experts in your list of spring-cleaning tips for your home exterior. Once you’re at it, it would be best if you hire an?eco-friendly pressure washing North Pinellas?company that can help guarantee that your concrete patios, siding, and roof shine and sparkle. Most especially, the experts will be eliminating any accumulated mildew or mold safely on your decks or walkways over the winter season.? 


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